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Friday, April 17, 2015

Excel formula: COUNTIFS() with date range in cell reference

Excel formula: COUNTIFS() with date range in cell reference
Suppose we have soma data with dates and we want to count the rows, falling between two dates.  I had to do the same thing today and faced an issue. Though most of the people would be already aware of it but for a person like me, it was a new thing so thought to share with everyone.
If we do the date comparison this way “>=G1”, here G1 is the cell where start date is written then this check will not work. Though, it will work, if we specify a date itself instead of cell reference. For cell reference, the comparison operator will be in double quotes and with & we will add the cell reference. Please see the complete syntax. Here the B:B is the column range/criteria range having dates and G1 & H1 are start & end dates.

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