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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Excel 2010: Fuzzy Lookup Add-In (Approximate Data Match)

Excel 2010: Fuzzy Lookup Add-In (Approximate Data Match)
We can use this Add-In for approximate data matching. Suppose we have two tables and there are spelling mistakes, abbreviations and short names used. So comparing such tables could be really a mess. But with this Ad-In we can do a lot, easily.
Download the Add-In: Download from the below link of Microsoft download center.
Once you have downloaded the Add-In, a Fuzzy Lookup tab would be visible on the Ribbon and that’s the command.

Our data should be in formatted tables, so If we want to compare the data of two tables, format them. For this select the data and press Ctrl L.
On the Ribbon click on Fuzzy Lookup command, this will open the pane/window.
Select the left and right tables to compare, if data of same table to be compared then select same as left, right.
The lookup will automatically join the same name columns; you can delete that join and add of your choice. For this select the column(s) (could be more than one) of both tables and click on the button which is in between the right & left columns window, this will add a join.
From the output columns, select the one which you want to see in results.
Leave the number of matches at the default of 1, or increase it to see more matches for each item in the left table.
Now Run the Lookup
For this, select a cell in an empty part of sheet, results will start populating from that cell. Click on Go button.
By Clicking on the configuration button, we can change the configuration as well to match our requirement.


  1. Great tut. The functions look very usable. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi

    Could you please let me know if we can implement/perform the fuzzy add-in on a Single column.

  3. Yes we can do that. Same column would be selected as Left & Right.