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Monday, September 8, 2014

Lock Specified Area of a Protected Sheet

Lock Specified Area of a Protected Sheet
When we protect a sheet, all cells are locked by default for editing. For making editable all cells and leaving a few locked, we need to first unlock all cells and then lock specified cells before protecting a sheet.
v  If a sheet is already protected then unprotect it. (Review Tab)
v  Select the whole sheet by Selecting All Button or pressing Ctrl A
v  On the Home tab Click the Format Cells launcher, alternate way is through right click or Ctrl 1.    
v  Got to protection tab and clear the locked check box and click ok. This will unlock all the cells on the sheet, once protected.
v  In your worksheet select only those cells that you want to lock.
v  Again open Format Cells Launcher, same we did earlier.
v  On the protection tab, select the Locked check box and click Ok.
v  Got to Review tab and click Protect Sheet.
v  In the Allow users of this worksheet to list, select the components that we want user to be able to change.
v  In the password to unprotect sheet box, type a password for sheet. Please note the password step is optional, if we don’t provide then any user can unprotect by just clicking on unprotect option.

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