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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Using COUNTIFS (Array function)

Using COUNTIFS (Array function)

We can use the COUNTIFS function for conditional counting and for multiple criteria. In below example, COUNTIFS function with array formula is used. To make sure that we have the right results with us, we will combine the SUM function as well in it.


From the below data, we want to count the Documents that Eric worked on and the Document are either ‘Press Release’ or ‘Prospectus’ and they are processed in the Month of January.

COUNTIFS function is simple, we first define the range and then the criteria related to that range, then next range and its criteria and so on.

Since one of our criteria has multiple conditions i.e. type is ‘Press Release’ or ‘Prospectus’ so we will write it in {} and will also add the SUM function in the beginning and use array function. If it was just one condition then we wouldn’t have required it. To make it array, press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.

See the formula below for our example data!

=SUM(COUNTIFS(E:E,C20,F:F,"January",H:H,{"Press Release","Prospectus"}))

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